Previous Giveaways

The Body Shop's Body Butter. The winner was samcwheeler!

Mothere-ease, All In One diaper, size small. Completed on July 13, 2011! The winner was Gianna. Congrats!!!

Boogie Wipes, completed on July 28, 2011. Congrats to kygirl!

itti bitti d'lish SIO Diaper was completed on 8-11-11. The winner was Ryan, Corrie, Max, and Jack. Congratulations!

Rockin' Green - winner was Erlinda. Congrats!

Zippy Doo Diaper in your choice of printcompleted on Oct 2. The winner was What Mommy Wants.

Essential Protection Oil ended 10-18-11. The winner was Maggie Keefe.

itti bitti Limited Edition Minkee Change mat Review/Giveaway. The winner was jennifer nolan! 

Go Green Champ 2.0 Pocket Diaper from Jack Be Natural. The winner was April G.

Beautiful Christmas tutu by Precious Pitter Patter ended on Nov 23, 2011. The winner was Shannon Foust.

Pretty pink flower headband by GiggleBox Boutique ended on Dec 4, 2011. The winner was Aimee Spencer.

Christmas print AI2 diaper by Howler Monkey Bums ended on Dec 12, 2011. The winner was regan shea.

Seasnax giveaway ended Dec 17, 2011. The winner was Vanessa Vazquez of Momlovesdeals. 

Nuts About Granola giveaway ended Dec 23, 2011. The winner was Valerie Taylor Mabrey. 

I Caught Santa giveaway, ending Dec 23, 2011: Nora P, Vashti M, Corina K, Tari L, & Darlene O.

Pad or pantyliner in the mermaid or baby sea turtle print by Pug Love By Persifunctant, ending on Dec 28, 2011 - Sandra Acs.

Leather pouch with a floral design by LovejoyCreations, ending on Jan 3, 2012 - Kristen H.

Harmony Aromatherapy's Lavender/Peppermint Foot Care Set, ended on 1-16-12 - Brenda W