Thursday, November 3, 2011

Go Green Champ 2.0 Pocket Diaper Review/Giveaway by Jack Be Natural

A month & a half ago I received a cute little diaper in the mail from Jack Be Natural. It was a cute little red diaper with white hearts all over it - very fitting since my baby was originally due on Valentine's Day (she didn't get that memo & was evicted on Feb 21 due to Gestational Diabetes)!

One lucky reader will also win a Go Green Champ 2.0 Pocket Diaper from Jack Be Natural! Jack Be Natural will select the color or print based on the gender of your baby. As usual, the giveaway will be at the end of the review. It begins tonight at midnight & will end on November 18, 2011. The winner must respond to my email within 48 hours or I will have to select a new winner.

 Included is a nice sized liner for you to snap in.

About Jack Be Natural

Started by middle class parents with two children, who were obsessed with their health & well being. Many parents aren't aware of the numerous hazards in baby & children products. Jack Be Natural strives to use natural & organic products, while remaining grounded & separating facts of what is safe & what isn't. They explored better alternatives for everyday products & combined their passion for natural products with their entrepreneurial spirit, which resulted in Jack Be Natural. Their mantra is to educate other parents on the advantages of natural baby products while providing them at fair & affordable prices.

The Review

Jack Be Natural has a good selection of the Go Green Champ 2.0 Pocket Diapers available. Just click on the link & look at all of the cute prints & colors! I love the different names of the prints too! Bunz' N Roses (pictured at the top), Shiny Hiney, etc. He He.

What makes this diaper different is that it has openings at both the front & back of the pocket that allows the liner to come out in the wash! I have to say that I feel like Go Green has solved a major flaw in pocket diapers with this feature! I can't speak for others, but personally I hate both stuffing & having to unstuff wet/dirty liners!  With openings at each end, the stuffing process is MUCH easier & you don't have to bother with unstuffing.

Here is both pocket openings open, exposing the liner. The opening at the back is nice & roomy, making it super easy for you to stuff.

This pic shows where the liner snaps to the shell/cover.

As you can see, there's a nice overlap of lining fabric to cover the openings at each end.

It has the traditional snaps in the front to adjust the rise, as well as snaps at the waist, & hip snaps to adjust the leg openings.

 My baby sporting her Go Green Champ 2.0. It fits her VERY well. I had no trouble at all customizing the fit - even with the generously sized liner inside.

I've tried this diaper out several times, & it's very soft, fits well, & functions well. I would recommend using it as a daytime diaper as it comes, but if you get an extra liner/soaker you can use this at night too. You might need an extra soaker if you have a heavy wetter too, but I haven't experienced a problem with leaking at all. In fact, my baby had a pretty major blow out in her 2.0 Champ & the gussets contained it all - no mess to deal with on her clothes or mine!

I have to say that this is one of the best priced cloth diapers on the market too! In these tough economic times that's definitely a major bonus! Jack Be Natural sells the Go Green Champ 2.0 Pocket Diaper for a very reasonable $15.95 with FREE shipping!!!

I should also mention that Jack Be Natural is giving away a FREE item on all orders over $75!!! Click here for more details. They also have a fantastic rewards program called Jack's Cash, where you get $1 in store credit for every $15 you spend!!!!


  • They have both fuzzy & silky leak proof exteriors in a nice variety of patterns & colors.
  • A soft suede cloth lining.
  • Dual gussets.
  • Dual pocket openings, so that you don't have to remove wet/dirty insets because they come out by themselves in the wash! (This is my FAVE feature!)
  • Hip snaps for better sizing (new feature).
  • Front pocket cover made of PUL to prevent leaking (new feature).
  • Back pocket opening cover 
  • Includes one snap-in liner made of 3 layers of microfiber.  
  1. Price - extremely affordable!
  2. Dual pocket openings to make stuffing easier & unstuffing unnecessary!
  3. Dual gussets to catch exploding poop!
  4. Cute, cute, cute!
  5. Super easy to adjust the size.
  6. Snap in liner, & it comes with the liner!!! This is a plus because some pocket diapers require you to purchase the liner separately.
  1. I wish it came with an extra liner for night use or heavy wetters, but this isn't a huge issue. They aren't expensive to buy from Jack Be Natural.
The Giveaway:

This is a Rafflecopter giveaway, open to residents of the US & Canada who are 18 & older. It will end on November 18, 2011. The winner must respond to my email within 48 hours or I will have to select a new winner.

Attention Moms of Girls!

I have another giveaway running through midnight of Nov 23 that you might be interested in. You can win a beautiful Christmas Tutu in a size 3-9 months from Precious Pitter Patter. Please click here to enter the giveaway!


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