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Pad Review/Giveaway by WAHM Pug Love by persifunctant!

One lucky reader will win a pad or pantyliner by Pug Love by persifunctant! The winner can choose a pad in any size in the mermaid OR baby sea turtles print. The Giveaway is open to residents of ALL countries who are 18+! 

Before I go on with the review, let me tell you about a GREAT sale that Pug Love by persifunctant has going on right now for the holidays! You can get 50% off all of her items by entering the code "GET50" at her etsy shop.

About Pug Love by persifunctant: 

Allow me to introduce you to Amanda Lantz. She's a SAHM to a beautiful baby girl, & lives in Canada. Being a SAHM is her "dream come true". She's yet another talented Mom from my Due Date Group! She began her home based business in October of this year, & she specializes in cloth menstrual products, wool dryer balls, & cloth nursing pads. Everything is hand-sewn, eco friendly, & vegan. The cloth menstrual products come in various sizes, & she even has cute little cloth menstrual pad bags! 

Amanda always liked sewing and being crafty and creative. Amanda says "Since there is only so much I can make for myself, I thought I could make and sell some of the pads and stuff as a hobby."  Amanda's been sewing since junior high, and is self taught.

Amanda is multi-talented! She loves sewing, painting, and all things crafty. She's been drawing since she was 2 years old, painting since 7th grade, &  sewing since 7th grade. She think that everybody could use a little dose of glitter in their lives. 

My Experience with Pug Love by persifunctant:

Let me begin by saying that I'm a die hard tampon user. I CAN'T STAND traditional pads! Keep that in mind as you read this review. 

I'd never tried Mama cloth before & was very curious. I figured if my baby deserved to be pampered with soft cloth on her tushy, than maybe I do too. I received my pad at the beginning of November. I chose the mermaid print, so that I could match my baby girl's diaper that was made by Zippy Doo Diapers (see my review). I received a size large pad. For the first time in my life I was eagerly awaiting my period to start! I couldn't wait to try it out. 

I had a lot of questions for Amanda while waiting for AF, & she happily answered them. 

1) I wondered if the pads would leak - Nope; because the pad is made up of two layers of printed cotton, one hidden layer of breathable nylon, and then two layers of cotton fleece. So its slightly waterproof, but not quite the same caliber as pul. Amanda said that she's NEVER had a pad leak through ever - not even during her heaviest flow while sleeping.

2) I wondered about blood staining the pad - She said that I could use something like Shout or Spray And Wash for stains, but since the inside was black it shouldn't (in theory) show stains. She said to wash them with regular clothes, such as with my socks and underwear.

3) I worried that washing the pads with my whites (underwear & socks) would stain the whites - Nope;  the blood usually dries during the wait to be washed, so its no big deal. She said I could also soak or rinse them prior to washing too.

4) I asked about storing the dirty pads while waiting for them to be washed - Amanda said that's what the bags are for. They're like little wetbags for diapers, complete with a PUL inner. The strap even has a snap, so you can hang it from your towel rack!  

As soon as I started spotting I snapped her pad in my panties, & all I can say is OMG was it comfy!!!! I'm so used to those horrible paper pads that I didn't know what to expect. Her pads are super, super, super soft against your lady parts! I only had the opportunity to test the pad twice - once while spotting & again with a normal flow, with one washing in between. It performed beautifully. There were no leaks & most importantly I couldn't even tell that I was wearing a pad. I would say that it felt just like my panties except that my panties aren't this soft! Oh how I wish I'd had these after having my baby, when everything was so sore! (note: I didn't use a tampon either time that I tested these.)

Surprisingly, they actually do stay in place while wearing them! I was afraid that the pad would slide around, but it really doesn't during wear. When you pull your panties down to use the bathroom they do slide out of place, but it's easy to fix - just slide them back into place!

This might not be an attractive picture, but here's the inside of the clean pad snapped to my panties.
 And here's a pic of the print side, showing how the pad remains held in place with the snap.

I'm currently in the process of slowly putting together a stash of these. I just took advantage of Amanda's 50% off Christmas sale at her etsy shop to buy a pad bag & a few different size pads to try out. I'll continue to buy a few a month until I have a full supply. Remember that I said I was a die hard tampon user? Pug Love by persifunctant has converted me.

I'm also going to try to get my 13 year old daughter to give them a try. She'd be mortified if she knew that I was discussing her period online, but she's very irregular since it began. She started her period last year around Thanksgiving & has only had it twice since that time. Because she never knows when to expect it, & because her school doesn't allow them to go to the bathroom during class, & she doesn't want to be embarrassed by a leak, she's been wearing paper pads to school every day for the past year. That can't be comfy or healthy - not to mention unkind to our environment. I think once she tries these & sees how comfy the are she'll be hooked. I've discussed this issue with Amanda, & she recommends getting her the pantyliners for times when she isn't menstruating because they don't have the nylon layer, so are breathable.


1) Cheaper! The price of one pad may be more at the outset, but because you reuse them it will save you a ton in the long run - just like with cloth dipes!

2) So comfortable! They really are soft & comfy. I highly recommend these for anyone who hates being chafed by paper products. They would be especially ideal post partum! I don't know about you, but I needed pads for roughly 9 week straight with both of my girls! Sorry, but talk about chapped lips! 

3) Cute...well as cute as a product like this can be. :o) Just like cloth diapers, you can customize to your own personal taste or mood. 

4) Healthier - these are more breathable than traditional paper products (so less likely to encourage the growth of yeast), plus you aren't exposed to all of those chemicals they use to make them. If you're using cloth diapers on your baby because you don't want to expose them to chemicals, than why wouldn't you feel the same way about yourself?


None! Except maybe the start up cost, but if you take advantage of Amanda's sales that's not as much of an issue. Plus, this really will save you money in the long run.

The Giveaway:

Amanda has been very generous! She's opening this Giveaway WORLDWIDE to anyone over 18. It will end on Dec 28.

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