Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Attention NOLA Momma's (& surrounding areas). Have a night out on the Natchez!

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Something fun & interesting just came to my attention. I'm very, very, very tempted to do this! What's the problem? I've been nursing my daughter exclusively for 5 months now, & haven't had much to drink lately (alcohol obviously). The deal I'm about to tell you about comes with 3 Margaritas, & if I drank 3 Margaritas at this point I'd fall overboard never to be heard from again!!!!

The event is called Margaritas on The Mississippi, & it takes place on August 10, 2011. It's aimed at local women, so you don't have to be a Mom to participate. However, if you're a Mom like me, you just might need a special night out for a sanity break too!

Boarding time is 6:15 pm, & it takes place from 7:00 - 9:00 pm. The reservation  deadline is August 8, 2011. This is a fabulous deal, & would be a great night out with your girlfriends! For $25 you can get 3 Margaritas with a souvenir Margarita glass, the Natchez cruise, & entrance into the Magnolia Suite where you'll get fun networking & business opportunities. If you'd like, you can purchase a ticket for $45 & get a dinner thrown in also! This is a wonderful opportunity for any woman, but especially business women or women trying to get a small business off the ground. This event gives women the chance to join organizations that will allow them to get more involved with the community, & also introduces women to some of New Orleans favorite retailers.

To book your reservation, please visit

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