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Fairy Tales do come true with "I See Me" personalized books!

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About a month ago I See Me was extremely generous & sent me a beautiful personalized book of my choice to review. Being the HUGE fairy lover that I am, & because I have a fairy theme in my baby's room, I naturally selected their book titled My Very Own Fairy Tale for my sweet little princess. Oddly enough, about a week after selecting the book I discovered that I won a Who Loves You? book from I See Me in Beautifully Bella Faith's Blogspot! Yes; I enter giveaways too. :o) Talk about fortunate! Now I can give you my unique opinion of two different books.

About I See Me

If you aren't familiar with I See Me books, let me begin by telling you that they've won several awards: Mom's Choice, Creative Child Magazine, and Family Choice. Personalized children's books are a wonderful way to tell a child how very special they are. They make wonderful gifts for any child. You simply select a book from their many categories, & ten supply I See Me with information about your child to make the story all about them. Typically that information is basic things like: name, date of birth, special people in the child's life, & a customized dedication.

Some of the titles available are:

My Very Own Name
My Very Own Fairy Tale
My Very Own Pirate Tale
My Very Own ABC's
The World According To Me
Who Loves me?
A Christmas Bear For Me
A Hanukkah Bear For Me

You can see & order their books by visiting the I See Me website or calling 1-877-744-3210. They even have virtual tours of each book! Don't forget to like them on Facebook

About My Very Own Fairy Tale

It's a hardcover book, that takes little girls to a magical garden where flower fairies & berry fairies crown her as their fairy princess. Each fairy brings one letter to spell out the child's name, while describing character traits that make the girl the perfect fairy princess! This would make a wonderful keepsake for a baby girl, or even a perfect birthday or Christmas present for an older child! I See Me suggests an age range of 0 - 12 years, but my 13 year old daughter fell in love with this book & wants one of her own! I don't think it's sibling rivalry. I think she likes the artwork, the personalization, & of course she loves fairies too! I'll likely order her one as a surprise Christmas or birthday present.

It's absolutely beautiful & colorful! There's a nice added touch of the child's date of birth, & a personalized dedication. You can choose one of their suggested dedications or make up one of your own. At the end of the book there is a Fairy Patch that functions like a fairy dictionary. It features 62 fairies with interesting facts about their flowers & berries.

This is a pic of the cover of "My Very Own Fairy Tale Book"

As you can see, the cover is colorful & cheery. Any little girl would be drawn to it. I couldn't wait to swoop Patricia up into my arms, & begin reading to her! The book had about 30 pages, & it was a nice long read. If she was older & wanting more I would've continued with the Fairy Patch, but the story was enough for her.

Here are pictures of the inside of the book.

And a pic of the Fairy Patch

I didn't have to worry about shipping, but if I'd ordered my books like other customers I would've had a choice between 4 different methods of delivery. This is a wonderful thing to know! If I'm ever in a hurry, & need a book for a special gift at the last second I can order via Air delivery & I'll receive it in about 3 business days after the date of order. Standard delivery takes about 2 weeks.
While I'm on the subject of delivery, let me just show you how well the books were packed!

About Who Loves You?

The following quote comes from the I See Me website. "WELCOME A NEW BABY WITH A SPECIAL MESSAGE WRAPPED IN LOVE. I See Me! Inc. Launches Its Latest Personalized Storybook, Who Loves Me?" I couldn't have worded it better myself! When I read through this one I got a little teary eyed.

This book welcomes new babies (or children up to 5) by introducing them to the people who love them most. Written in rhyme, with colorful illustrations, Who Loves Me? builds self-esteem while drawing children through age 5 into the storyline. The book names family members or friends who love the child, and encourages the child to reach to the sky when asked how much each one of them loves him or her. The book reassures the child they are loved very much by each, with unique and touching rhymes describing the depth of each individual's love. For example, my daughter's name is Patricia so the book begins "Who loves Patricia? Momma, Daddy, & Amanda love Patricia! How much? So much! More than the mountains, more than the streams, more than a little girl's happiest dreams."

The book is a short one, with a hard cover and 20 tear-free pages. Who Loves Me? is designed to be read over and over again.

Like all I See Me books, Who Loves Me? is personalized with the child's first and last name and includes a dedication to the child from the sender.

Here is a pic of the cover.

And pics of the inside

I can't speak highly enough about these books! I have absolutely nothing negative to say about them.

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