Monday, November 7, 2011

Girls just want to have fun, which can be messy. Thankfully Clorox came to the rescue!

Spending time with friends and family can lead to fun and memorable moments, but also some very messy ones. The messiest moment I'll always remember is with my Girl Scout Troop. About two years ago we were in the process of moving into our house. While the house was still mostly empty I invited a couple of girls from my Troop of Junior Girl Scouts over to make homemade Twilight New Moon T-shirts because they missed our last meeting. We did the 1st round of the T-shirts at my church's fellowship hall where we held our meetings, but a couple of girls couldn't make that meeting so we finished them at my house. As it turns out, it was a good thing we finished the T-shirts at my house! It was a lot of fun, but verrrrry messy! 

I received information about Clorox’s Bleach It Away campaign and am sharing my messy moment for the chance to win prizes from The SITS Girls. To learn more about the messy moment program, check out  Sharing your story on the Clorox fan page gets you entered for the chance to win $25,000 and daily prizes, and you can grab a coupon for Clorox® Regular Bleach.

As you've probably learned from reading my blog posts, I don't go far without my camera! I always take plenty of pictures, so fortunately I have some to show of the messy fun we had - though not of the mess itself (unfortunately). 

Note to self: This is how NOT to make a mess:

My daughter & my T-shirts (done at Church). We were super careful there & put a plastic table cloth down, & placed cardboard in between the 2 sides of the T-shirts. The other shirts were done the same way, so there wasn't a mess.

Note to self: This is a SURE FIRE way to make a mess (& memories):

 2 of the girls at my house. Unfortunately, this was very last minute so I forgot the plastic table cloth & cardboard. MAJOR oops!

 The paint was already starting to get on the counter. See it to the left?

 The paint was going on thicker & thicker. The girls were having lots of fun, & I wasn't thinking about the fact that there wasn't cardboard in the middle of each shirt.

As you can see, LOTS of paint! (Even more was on the counter underneath the shirt!)

Blood, blood, & more blood! (And a big red spot on the counter underneath).

They each had to buy their own T-shirts, & I supplied the fabric paint. They came up with their own designs & used my kitchen counter to paint their T-shirts, which we later used to wear on a field trip to watch the movie together. 

It took several days for the T-shirts to dry because our gas hadn't been turned on yet & the house was cold. The T-shirts sat for about 3 days drying. Once they were completely dry, I lifted them up to fold them....... that's when I noticed the paint caked on the counter. I tried scraping it off & for the most part it worked. It was the red paint that was particularly troublesome. Even after the paint was scraped off, a red stain remained. That's when I reached for the Clorox. Success! It vanished before my eyes. I'm only sorry that I didn't take pictures of that. The Twilight New Moon messy fun didn't end there.

I'm a HUGE Twilight Saga fan, as is my daughter, & almost every other tween & teen. The Troop New Moon T-shirts were part of a huge circle of events I had planned around the movie. My daughter's 12th birthday was going to be a New Moon party, complete with Bella's Birthday cake, "blood" in bottles to drink, mushroom ravioli for dinner, & Twilight shown on a big screen with a projector. The girls played pin the kiss on Edward (blood red lipstick was applied, a scarf was tied on their head, they were spun in circles, & then had to kiss a plastic covered Edward poster. The girl who kissed closest to his mouth won the poster. I hadn't counted on the red lipstick kisses on my wall though! LOL. We also had some non messy games - trivia about the movies, a wolf pack race, & more.

More messes came at the party. What was I thinking with all of the "blood" in my theme?!? 

All of these pretty bottles of "blood" to drink were spilled & left a sticky, nasty, red mess.

Not a very good picture, but this was the buttered blood popcorn we ate during the movie. Do you want to guess what the girls wiped their greasy red fingers on? I'll give you a hint - it WAS NOT one of the New Moon napkins! 

You see the girls pointing to their kisses, but what you don't see are the couple of kisses that missed the poster & hit the wall. :o) 

With all of that red, I didn't even bother with other household cleaners. I went straight to the Clorox because I needed bleaching power! It didn't let me down.

I won't even get into the apple fight the girls got into after my husband & I went to bed........... Let's just say that our coffee pot & ceiling lost the fight.

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