Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Caught Santa & you can too!!!! 5 lucky winners

I'm so excited about this Giveaway!!! I just found out about it today, but I'm such a kid at heart that I can't resist putting this last minute Christmas Giveaway up! It's open worldwide to anyone over 18, & will end Dec 24 at midnight (so technically the day before Christmas Eve). The 5 lucky winners can upload a picture of the inside of their house & choose which Santa pose they want to place where. The winners will be supplied with a code that will allow them to download the digital image of Santa being "caught" at their house for FREE. That's not all!!! They'll also get 5 different videos of Santa in their house to share with their excited children for FREE!!!

My Experience:

I literally just completed my picture at the I Caught Santa website. It was super easy to do. The hardest part about the process was deciding on which Santa pose I wanted & which border! It's very self explanatory, but if by chance you do get easily confused by technology, there are 2 different tutorials - 1 in video format & another with pictures & text.

The first step is to take a picture of the inside of your house - either your tree or maybe even your fireplace (if you have one).

Here is my tree picture.
And here is what the I Caught Santa website did!

I've just got to share the 5 videos with you! These are the cutest things ever!!!!

1) The "ssshhh" video

2) The "milk & cookies" video

3) Santa digging the Christmas music!

4) Checking out the "Naughty or Nice List"

5) Thank Goodness this is my last stop!

I literally squealed with delight when I saw these. I called my 13 year old daughter in the room to watch them with me & she was grinning ear to ear. We both wondered where this was when she was still a Santa believer!

Plus, you can get a 25% discount on orders! Simply use this code: SAVE25

Come on Moms; you know you want to enter! :o) Just imagine the huge smile on your child's face!

The Giveaway:

Ends at midnight on Christmas Eve (so technically the night before Christmas Eve), so that you'll have your "proof" before Christmas morning.  5 lucky winners will get coupon codes from me via email upon winning, so make certain you check your email!

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  1. It wouldn't let me put my Twitter name in the box. It's HarmonyAroma & the Tweet url is!/HarmonyAroma/status/149883032432676864

  2. LMAO I did the same giveaway and thought it was a ton of fun. Hows your giveaways going?

    Don't forget you can list them with us at

    Hey Not sure if you know also I have a listing on my blog of 231 other places to list your giveaways for exposure. I use them alot and its really helped. You can find those here -

    hope you do great things in the new year with your blog.

    Sincerely Kevin @ Linkies Contest Linkies

  3. Hi Kevin!
    The giveaways are going pretty well. :o) Thank you so much for linkiescontestlinkies. I use it all of the time. I also took advantage of your Christmas giveaways page. I didn't notice the 231 other places one though. I'll be sure to check it out.