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AIO One Size Pocket Diaper by Mommy Loves Me Baby and Doggie Stuff

A few weeks ago I did a search for WAHM's who are currently making & selling their own diapers. I came across a few that I wanted to try. The very first seller was on eBay. Please meet Rita! She has her own store, & you can visit it here. Technically, I guess you can't call eBay seller john19322000 a WAHM since she's awaiting the arrival of her first grand baby by her 28 year old daughter. :o) Rita's supplementing her income by making diapers not just for babies, but for dogs too, which allows her to stay home with her pets. Rita got involved with cloth diaper making when she learned that their daughter was expecting. All I can say is WHAT A LUCKY LADY!

Microfiber with front snaps on the right (Cheetah) & cotton with side snaps on the left (Pink Frogs). Both are set at the smallest waist size & rise.

Largest waist size & rise.

Both diapers opened, exposing the insert/soaker & the pocket with the stuffing.

Mommy Loves Me makes custom diapers & diaper covers. I've only tested the diapers so far, so that's what this review will focus on. I had my choice of cotton, microfiber, or my own unique combination of both. As you know from reading my previous posts, I'm new to the current diapering systems & fabrics, so the only thing I'd had experience with was cotton. I wanted to try Mommy Loves Me's cotton diapers, but I was also eager to try microfiber! Therefore, I ordered one of each in an AIO OS (All in One One Size) that came with a pocket stuffer, as well as an insert/soaker.

There are several things that set this diaper apart from the crowd!

1) This diaper is unique because you select your own print for the cover! A PUL layer (polyurethane laminate) is used to provide a leak free barrier. The PUL is sandwiched between the print of your choice & the actual diaper. The outer fabric can be flannel or your choice of cotton or polyester/cotton fabric, which makes for a super cute diaper! 

2) You totally customize this diaper to your own individual preferences. You have your choice of front or side closures, snaps or hook & loop closures, cotton or microfiber, any combination of cotton & microfiber, pocket or non pocket (unless you order a one size. ALL one sizes are pockets.), a PUL layer can be put on one side of the inserts if you'd like, or a snap can be placed on the inserts and the diaper cover to make an All-In-2, & the diapers can be fitted or one size. The choices are endless!

Because I purchased an AIO one size, I'll be focusing on that. I bought one cotton AIO OS, & one microfiber AIO OS diaper. One had a front closure & one had a side closure. I wanted to see if I had a preference for either one. I have to say that I definitely did prefer the front closure. Somehow it just seemed easier & less clumsy than the side closures, but that's just me. :o) I've read & been told that microfiber absorbs better/faster, so I couldn't wait to try them out & see for myself!

Now, one thing that I have to say up front is that I didn't use this pocket diaper in the same way that most seem to. I've read about ladies re-stuffing the pocket, reusing the diaper multiple times, & then washing it. I only used it once because I didn't like the thought of the wet inner fabric that makes up the pocket & holds the stuffing touching my baby's delicate booty. I did pre-wash the diapers, but I only washed them 3 times each before use. Most people advise pre-washing at least 6 times. Guess what?!? These diapers were AMAZINGLY absorbent!!!! 3 times was more than enough! In fact, these diapers were just as absorbent as any disposable diaper I've ever tried with either of my girls, & remember that goes back 13 years! These cloth dipes are the ultimate if you're looking for superb night dipes! In fact, I will be soon be buying enough to get me through a week or two of night use.

You may be wondering which one I preferred of the 2 fibers? LOL. I'm still trying to decide that myself! I think the microfiber diaper did have a slight edge on the cotton diaper as far as absorbency goes, but the cotton diaper was deliciously soft & still incredibly absorbent! The advantage to that is that perhaps you don't need as many layers with the microfiber as with the cotton (my own opinion here). I also would completely skip using the insert/doubler for daytime use. It adds to the bulk of the diaper, & the added absorbency isn't as needed during the day when you're able to do more frequent diaper changes.

So, now I'll get to the pros and cons.



2) Love the ability to design my own dipe completely!

3) Super absorbent!

4) Affordable!


1) It is bulky - especially in between the legs. I found that it held my daughter's legs apart, & gave her a cute Sumo wrestler appearance. :o) This is a common feature in many diapers & not unusual to this design alone. Also, when snapped down to it's smallest size all OS diapers tend to be bulky. It's the nature of the beast.

2) All of the options can be a little overwhelming & even intimidating for a newbie, but this con is also a pro because it's fun to experiment!

Hmmm.... See a trend here? The pros most definitely outweigh the cons!

Below is more specific information about the design options with the AIO.

Here is a pic of my baby enjoying her microfiber dipe. She literally broke into smiles & giggles when I put it on her.

Details about AIO's:

Keep in mind that you CAN combine cotton & microfiber in your own preferred way.

The OUTER COVER is made with flannel or cotton/polyester fabric on the outside, PUL layer, (or just the PUL if you want a white AIO) and cotton or microfiber diaper as described below, or your own combination.  You can order pocket AIOs (which wash and dry faster) or non-pocket AIOs (only in the fitted diapers!)  All one size (OS) AIO diapers are pocket diapers and come with a pocket stuffer which is 2 layers of microfiber terrycloth with Zorb in between. 

The COTTON DIAPER is made with the following layers: 2 flannel, 2 terrycloth, and 2 flannel layers.  

The MICROFIBER DIAPER is made with the following layers from outside to inside: 

1. your choice of fleece, suedecloth, flannel, or polyester/cotton fabric
2. polyester fleece
3. Zorb
4. fleece
5. suedecloth on the inside. (At this time only white suedecloth is available, so there are more color options for the inside lining with the cotton diapers.)

You can choose either hook and loop (which all have laundry tabs) or snap closures. They can also be made to close at the front or sides. Each cloth diaper includes an insert of the same type cotton or microfiber) unless you specify otherwise.

Sizing Details:

Newborn        Rise 14"       Waist 9-16"

Small              Rise 16"       Waist 10-17"

Medium          Rise 17"       Waist 11-19"

Large              Rise 18"       Waist 12-21"

One-Size        Rise 14-18"   Waist 10-21"

Details about inserts:

The COTTON INSERTS have 1 layer of flannel, 2 layers of cotton terrycloth, and 1 more layer of flannel.  The MICROFIBER INSERTS are made with fleece, Zorb, and a second layer of fleece.

Size of inserts:

Large inserts are 16"X8" and fit into Medium, Large, and One-Size diapers

Small inserts are 12"X6" and fit into Newborn and Small diapers.

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