Friday, June 3, 2011

Motherease Revisited

I'm giving serious consideration to getting more of the one diapering system I know best - Motherease. Because I love it so much, & have a couple of days worth of supply already, I thought I'd start off my reviews with them. There are pros & cons to everything, & I'm an honest person, & this review will reflect that.

After going through my current diaper inventory I discovered that I only have one AirFlow Cover from Motherease that will fit my baby currently. I have a handful of unbleached, cotton terry, One Size Diapers, but all of my Sandy's are too big. Therefore, I'm reviewing the One Size cotton terry diaper & theAirFlow snap cover only for now. Yesterday was my first day trying to use them with Patricia to see how they stand up 10 years later. I'm pleased with the fact that my One Size Diapers & AirFlow cover has stood the test of time! They are just as soft & secure as they were 10-13 years ago! However, I still feel the same way now that I did then. I can't help wishing that they were more absorbent. I do have the snap in liners, but although they add a touch more absorbency, they also add a tiny bit to the bulk of the diaper, since the diaper has to be folded down to fit her. Also, you can't snap it in when set to the smallest size. My other problem is that even on the smallest setting the AirFlow cover's legs are too big for my petite Patty Cakes. The front of the AirFlow's leg opening exposes the very bottom of the front leg opening of the one size.

I understand that Motherease now has many more options available - bamboo, stay dry, the Duo, & the Uno. Until I can get my hands on them & try them out, I obviously don't have an opinion. :o) The Sandy will have to wait until she's big enough to fit it or I can get my hands on one in her size.


1. My very first good thing to say about these diapers is that they are so dang CUTE! Just look at     Patty Cakes in her vintage dipes! LOL

                These are obviously old, as they don't make the pawprint
                                                 cover anymore.

                My daughter wearing the One Size on it's smallest setting.

2. How SOFT they are! Even after being used for 3 years with my oldest & being stored in my hot & humid garage for 10 years, they are just as soft as ever. Patty Cakes smiles at me every time I put one on her. That's something that she's NEVER done with her disposables!!!!

3. There aren't a lot of complicated snaps all over the place like some of the other diapers I'll be trying out. There are snaps, but they're minimal. The side snapping AirFlow cover is great because just like the name implies, it allows air to flow to the diaper, which decreases the risk of diaper rash. You would think that it would make the cover prone to leaking, but due to it's design there's no leakage at all! My only concern in that department is around Patricia's thighs, due to her small build.

Below is a picture of the one size dipe, showing it open & folded down to fit a smaller baby, snapped to it's mid size, & snapped to it's largest size, but you can alter the size anywhere in between.

Here is a pic of how the liner snaps in.

4. The snap in liner is thin, so doesn't add to the bulk.


There aren't many cons.

1. I wish the diaper was more absorbent, but I suspect that some of the other fabrics now used at Motherease are. I can't wait to get my hands on them! Honestly, it isn't a huge concern for me anyway. I change my baby often - even with disposables. I just don't believe in leaving a baby in an obviously wet diaper. That's actually a pet peeve of mine - seeing babies with soggy diapers hanging down to their knees!

2. I wish the snap in liner were more absorbent. I also wish that it snapped in on the smallest size setting. I know that I listed the liner under pros as well. What can I say? It's a love/hate relationship. I do love that it's thin, & while it's enough extra absorbency for daytime use, it's not adequate for bedtime use. Maybe Motherease has solved this problem with their stay dry liner?

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