Monday, October 24, 2011

itti bitti Limited Edition printed minkee Change Mat Review & Giveaway!

Thank you itti bitti for sending me this incredible limited edition fall print change mat & allowing me to be one of the 20 bloggers to review it. One lucky reader will also receive a minkee change mat in the color of itti bitti's choice, based on the gender of your baby. The giveaway is open to residents of the US & Canada who are 18 & over. This ends on 11-07-11 at 12:01 am EST.

Before I jump into this, let me tell you about the itti bitti Sweepstakes on Facebook that you can enter through October 31st. You can enter once daily to be entered into a giveaway for 3 prize packages featuring the new itti bitti fall limited edition prints. To enter you can visit this page or select "Sweepstakes" from itti bitti's Facebook page.  

They've also started their "Fall In Love with itti bitti" buy 4, get 1 promo. Look for this fabulous deal with participating retailers through the end of Oct!

I've definitely fallen in love with itti bitti! From the moment I tried out the itti bitti d'lish they sent me over the Summer, it's been LOVE.

The Ayannah Print Minkee Change Mat

So pretty & so soft!!! I received this in the mail last week & felt like it was Christmas! My 13 year old daughter went to get the mail, & asked what the package was. As soon as I opened it she snatched it out of my hands! She begged to keep it for herself saying "But it's so P-R-E-T-T-Y!"

 "Oooooo S-O-F-T!!!" She purred as she rubbed it against her face. I quickly grabbed my camera to capture it.


She continued to beg to keep it. I asked her what she planned to use it for. "I don't know. A hat?"

I finally succeeded in getting it away from my 13 year old, & decided to take my baby to the park. While there
I realized how much bigger the minkee change mat is in comparison to the one in my diaper bag. It's 26.5" x 17.5" big.

Look at the difference!

 Normally when we go to the park I bring a blanket to sit on, but I forgot it at home this time. The itti bitti minkee change mat was plenty big enough to lay my baby on! The plus side is that because it's water proof, there was no dampness seeping through. The print minkee is waterproofed & there's a super soft bamboo velour on the opposite side to lay your baby on, but both sides are soft.

She was so comfy!

Then I took her for a stroll around the park. It was an unusually chilly day, & I forgot her blanket, so I threw the change mat over her. I know that's a strange use for a change mat, but this one is so incredibly soft that it's just like a small blanket!

Teething on it.....

Just like big sissy - she loves rubbing it all over her face.

Thanks itti bitti!

Seriously, this change mat is like the Cadillac of change mats! It's very luxurious for a baby. Yes; of course I use it as a an actual change mat too, but who wants to see pictures of that?!? And my pink plastic like mat has been pitched to the curb!!!

For more information in video format, check out itti bitti on youtube.

The Giveaway:

This is a Rafflecopter giveaway. Please follow the instructions. The 1st step is mandatory for entry. Open to residents of the US & Canada who are 18 & older. This ends on 11-07-11 at 12:01 am EST.

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