Monday, October 17, 2011

Save money on your child's wardrobe with thredUP! Get a $5 credit!

About 2 months ago I discovered a wonderful website called thredUP. It's the fastest growing kids clothing swap & mom community online! Not only can you swap kids clothes, but you can also swap toys, your clothes, books, etc! You can click on any of the links to receive your $5 credit.

I love this idea! I used to sell old baby & kids clothes on eBay as my girls outgrew them, but I can't even give things away there anymore. With thredUP it's like an even exchange.

Plus, according to, Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor from 90210) lists her outgrown kids' clothes on thredUP. How cool is that?

How Does It Work?

The premise behind it is simple - save money on clothing & other items!
It works like this: pick a box you like, pay $5 plus shipping, prepare a box of items that no longer fit your child, send it for free when someone picks your box.

My Experience With thredUP

So far I've purchased 3 boxes from thredUP. Over the Summer I found an awesome box of books for my 13 year old daughter. She's an avid reader & hugely into the Twilight Saga (as am I). This box contained the complete series of vampire books aimed at tweens & teens called The House Of Night. This box was completely full of The House Of Night.

I also purchased a box of clothes for both of my daughters.

I don't have pictures of everything, but I will put up pics of the baby clothes I received & my 13 year old's books. Her clothes are scatted all over her bedroom, so it's impossible to figure out which ones came from thredUP.

The box of baby clothes I received

One of the outfits from the box

The rest of the clothes in the box

My 13 year old's books

Here is the step-by-step version:

PICK - Browse the listed boxes in the thredUP community and select one you'd like to receive.
PAY - Once you've picked your box, all you pay is $5 plus shipping to have it delivered.
PREPARE - As part of this process, you are required (this is a swap after all!) to list a box of clothes that your child no longer wears. They'll ask for basic details such as types of clothing, number of items, colors, brands, season and sizes. Don't worry, the USPS will mail you empty boxes for your gently used clothes.
SEND - When someone picks your box, thredUP will alert you and ask you to send the box. It is free to send boxes on thredUP because the recipient pays the shipping. You can print the shipping label on your printer. thredUP will arrange for the mailman to pick it up at your house. If you'd rather drop it off at the Post Office just cancel the pickup and leave a note for your postal carrier. As soon as your box is tracked by the USPS, you will see your box status has been changed to "shipped" in your thredUP closet.

Here is the link to join for FREE & get your $5 credit:
The idea is that for every box you offer you are able to obtain a box of your choosing. It's first come, first serve. To join for free, simply click here.

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